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Тип мероприятия: Вебинар
Начало: 14 Июня 2018, Четверг в 16:00
Место: Онлайн
Организатор: Академия WebPromoExperts
Аудитория: Интернет-маркетологам, Владельцам бизнеса и руководителям, Начинающим специалистам.
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About webinar:
Larry made his name in PPC; he is regularly taken the first position of PPC Influencers. Larry has made his money in PPC and after the sale of WordStream for 150Million $ … well, no comments. Why didn’t he just stop and enjoy early retirement? Larry Kim has started a new company in a completely new direction; it is MoblibeMonkey — a ChatBot company. While most of the channel losing effectiveness, chatbots are growing. Similar to what happened to Email Marketing a decade ago. Most of the experts suggest if you don’t have ChatBot today you won’t grow your customer list tomorrow. 


  • Messaging Apps have Surpassed Social Networks Big 4;
  • Email Marketing 5-10% Open Rates, FB Messenger Marketing 10-80x;
  • “Live Chats” are Slow and Need to Be Staffed 24/7;
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing! +75% Open Rates;
  • Top Chatbot Marketing Hacks;
  • Q&A Automatically Answering Common Business Questions.

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Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Founder of WordStream
David Bain

David Bain

Head of Digital Marketing Courses at AVADO
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